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Slimline Neoprene Apron 2oz Lightweight L12

L12 – Monsoon’s 2oz Lightweight Neoprene Slim Apron.


Monsoon’s 2oz Lightweight Neoprene Aprons. Designed in association with leaders in Dairy Farming. Made in Britain, skilled with simplicity, durability in mind. Double strength reinforced metal eyelets and strong cotton tiebacks for fastening. Neoprene fabric is found to be resistant to cows milk, cows urine and muck and most animal safe chemicals. This makes Monsoon’s neoprene garments an excellent choice for the farmer and veterinarian alike.

Garment Details:
  • Durable, Waterproof Neoprene Fabric
  • Double Strength Reinforced Metal Eyelets
  • Strong Cotton Tiebacks for Fastening.
Colours Available:
  • Navy
Sizes Available:  Dimensions – In Inches
  • L12 @ 30” – Width  x  48” – Height
  • Wider Apron available under L11
  • Bespoke Width and Height – AOR*
*AOR – Available On Request. Please note that these garments are made-to-order and will therefore be subject to longer leadtimes.
Care Instructions: When Neoprene garment becomes soiled, hose or swill down with water and store. Never roll up when wet.  Neoprene is ultra-violet sensitive. Never store in direct sunlight as this will result in deterioration of the fabric. Do not machine wash. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.


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